Surviving A Brain Attack

Surviving A Brain Attack(CVA)

We have some advice for anyone who has watched too many of those Bollywood medical dramas, where suddenly the character goes into coma following the sudden loss of conciousness. The paramedics arrive at the scene. CT Scan and MRI of the brain done immediately and relatives sitting in the Doctor`s chamber listening to the doctor regarding the prognosis – but a heroic effort saves the character’s life. It makes fine drama, says Dr. G.P.Burman Director of Shakti Neuro science Centre. In real life, the situation and outcome is almost always different.

At our Hospital, we execute the Chain of Survival, a series of steps to be followed in order to improve a person’s chances of survival. Ideally, a bystander recognizes that someone has brain attack and start emergency treatment immediately because in our centre saving the time means saving the brain.

If the patients reaches us within four hours of staring the treatment includes TPA injection , transcranial Doppler side by side physiotherapist’s action to the patients till the patient start doing voluntary movements The final step in the Chain of Survival has some resemblance to those Bollywood medical dramas. When the patients next day take his bed tea and shake hand to the doctor in the morning round to say hello thus save yet another precious life from becoming permanent handicap.

This complete exercise take 1-2 hrs for the doctor.
Hospital package for this is as Investigation charges (MRI,Angio,TCD,Blood test) : 10000/-
Medicine (TPA Injection) Approx. 40000/-
Doctor`s and hospital charges 20000/-