Health Checkup Programs

Health Check Up Programs

At SHAKTI NEURO SCEINCE CENTRE, we care for your well being. We all know that a healthy person can live life to the fullest and excel in every sphere. With today’s sedentary lifestyle, man is getting prone to a number of ailments and diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and Brain disease. All we need is to develop a consciousness about health and lifestyle. This is where NeuroCare plays a pivotal role. We have launched various health checks to determine and prevent occurrence of diseases.

>Gateway to Healthy Living
>Comprehensive Epilepsy/Migraine Check Up
>The Stroke Check Up
>Paralysis Check Up

Gateway to Healthy Living

A periodic check-up is a prerequisite to a happy and healthy life. Visit your doctor regularly and check whether your weight, blood pressure, etcetera are normal. We have devised a complete health check-up program to provide a thorough screening of your health status. The screen helps in identifying the reason for minor ailments, which are constant irritants. Moreover, test reports obtained during the check-up serve as medical record for future reference.

The health check up program at our Hospital includes the following:
• Doctor’s consultation with complete medical examination.
• Complete hemogram (hemoglobin, hematocrit, total leukocyte count, differential leukocyte count, platelet count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, peripheral smear).
• Blood group (ABO, Rh).
• Blood sugar (fasting and post prandial).
• Blood urea.
• Serum creatinine.
• Serum uric acid.
• Lipid profile.
• Urine examination.
• X-ray chest PA.
• E.C.G.
• Post check-up consultation.

Cost (in INR):1250 INR

Comprehensive Stroke check Up

Today’s unhealthy lifestyle makes it mandatory for everyone to undergo a complete brain health check up after 40-45yrs of age, at least once in a year. The periodic check up helps in identifying the cause of diseases at a very early stage. Our comprehensive health check up program includes screening of each organ closely to detect even the smallest symptom that could be an indication of a major disease. In addition, the check also identifies the root cause of the ailments. A comprehensive brain health check up is strongly recommended, since preventing a disease is much easier than having one.

In addition to the check ups that are a part of the standard package (mentioned above), our comprehensive health check-up also includes :
MRI Brain
MRI angiography

Cost (in INR):7200/-

The Epilepsy/Migraine Check Up

The Epilepsy/Migraine check up plan is specifically designed around the work profile of the children and young ladies keeping in mind of their schedules. This check up is especially beneficial for those who are exposed to computers ,having family history of migraine and epilepsy since they pose higher these ailments. The Epilepsy/Migraine check up plan studies the brain and helps to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. We go beyond the traditional model for medical care,

In addition to the standard package mentioned above, our this Check Up package includes the following:
• EEG and brain mapping
• MRI Brain
• Drug level assay • Blood Calcium and LFT
• Hormone assay(optional)
• Ultrasound (whole abdomen).

Cost (in INR):7200/-

The paralysis Check Up
nerve and muscular health is necessary for the present generation. Infection , family history of such ailments and frequent metabolic imbalance may lead to paralysis.
In addition to the above-mentioned standard package, our Executive Cardiac and Health Check Up include the following:
• Echocardiography.
• Screening of spine (as per requirement).
• Liver Function Tests
• CPK and muscle enzyme. • Nerve Conduction test of all limbs.
• EMG studies
• Collagen profile
• Ultrasound (whole abdomen).
• HIV Serology

Cost (in INR):15000/-