About Us

About us

Shakti Neuro Science centre and Dev MRI centre is the foundation of a high-quality, super specialty Neurology Health System. 20 –bedded, rural based hospital. Together with the hospital’s 30 staff members, they form a team that provides a high level of care at Hisar, Haryana since 15 yrs . The hospital has a long, rich history. Was formed in 1993 by a group of local citizens who saw a need for a NEUROLOGY health care center in the community. A massive community support and organizational campaign came to fruition when, on sept’1993, the hospital admitted its first patient.

Hospital l has responded through the years to the changing needs of the region, adding to its structure and services to meet the health care expectations of its patients. Today, the hospital offer a lifetime of care — from pediatric to geriatric neurological patients

At Hospital, some amazing things happen each and every day. Not only are hundreds of lives touched by the dedication, expertise and compassion of our people and their abiding commitment to quality patient care, but quality of life is enhanced in other ways, too. As a leading employer in the area, Hospital is committed to investing not only in the quality of health, but also quality of life in the communities where we live and work; investment in a way that supports the lives of our friends, neighbors and our own families.

Hospital provides a complete array of Neurological services; a comfortable inpatient, geriatric psych program; stroke accredited inpatient rehabilitation center, specialized neuropsychological services ; state-of-the-art outpatient; wellness programs focusing on nutrition,seniors and others; Health System include:

• Indoor facilities long-term care and rehabilitation.

• Neuro Electrophysiology centre.

• MRI Centre

Thanks to patients and surrounding communities have access to vital health care services. We provide innovative care and services unique to many community based hospitals. Whether it is sponsoring a program to educate patients, supporting our local schools medical educations or giving back to the community in other ways, hospital is making a meaningful and lasting difference in health care in Hisar, Haryana borders areas of Rajasthan and Punjab .We are very proud of the people at our hospital who work to make this community stronger, not only through their daily work to provide skilled healthcare, but also through their generous supports.